🥇The best Rpg maker games (2023)

TOP 20:

Kioku Shoujo

🥇The best Rpg maker games (1)

It's about a girl who stays home alone and doesn't know what she's done before. She travels around the house seeing memories of her family seeing that they don't recognize her. She investigates and realizes that she cannot leave her house. What happens? Why can't he leave? Why don't they recognize her or appear in her family's photos?

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This game created by Peccdesign is the sequel to Lullaby. After what happened at Eve's house, Kira had a daughter named Gisele. One day Gisele went to a birthday party and when Kira went to Gisele's friend's house there was no one. There he finds some stairs to a strange and dark place. Will Kira save Gisele?

TOP 18:

Headless Prisoner

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Erina wakes up in a place she doesn't know and looks like a jail. She doesn't remember why she is there. He goes out to investigate and finds the `` Red Witch '', which tells him that he is special because he noticed her presence. Later he enters a room in which there is a kind of headless giant. Erina fled and managed to trick him and lock him up, but he wasn't the only one there. Can you escape the place?

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Lullaby is a Survival Horror created by Peccdesign for the RPG Maker VX Ace platform in 2012. This game belongs to a trilogy that is being developed right now and is about the birth and expansion of a spooky curse that ravages the United States. It is about a woman named Kira and accompanied by her husband Marth who were in her car in full storm and see a house. There, an old woman named Eve lets them stay to sleep ... but at night, Marth disappears. What will Kira do? Will he run away from the house? Will it save Marth?

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OFF is a free indie RPG 2008 created by Mortis Santo and the 'unproductive Fun Time' team using rpgmaker 2003. In OFF, the player controls a character called "The Batter." He affirms his last sacred mission is to "purify" the world. The game is set in a strange universe, starting in zone 0, a tutorial level of classes, then winding through three more zones and, finally, "the fourth". Along the way, the player encounters numerous strange beings, a multitude of disturbing creatures, and a lot of puzzles that must be solved in order to move forward.

TOP 15:

Corpse Party Rebuilt

🥇The best Rpg maker games (6)

It is about a group of friends who stayed to clean the institute. Suddenly a strange noise is heard and they go out to investigate. Suddenly a strange light absorbs them and they are in a completely different institute. There strange and terrifying things happen and they will try to escape. Will they get out or get stuck until death?

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Paranoiac is a high level horror game in which Miki is going to live at his late aunt's house. There he accommodates himself and leaves his things, showers and comes the night. Miki goes to bed. In the middle of the night a strange noise is heard. Miki is going to investigate until a monster is found ... What's wrong with the house? Will he run away? Will people believe him?

TOP 13:

Re: Kinder

🥇The best Rpg maker games (8)

Re: Kinder is a horror and exploration game. Sunsuke is an 8-year-old boy who lives with his mother, one day he goes to visit his grandparents but when he returns to town everything is different. He finds himself when he gets home a hanging head, runs off and falls. Mami suddenly appears a friend of his, but was not the same person he knew, attacked him. Sunsuke confused does not know what to do until Ryou one of his friends saves him. At that moment they go to their secret base and decide what to do and what is happening ...

TOP 12:

The Croocked Man

🥇The best Rpg maker games (9)

Created by Uri. David is a young man who suffers depression from the breakup with his partner to discussions with his mother. Thanks to his friends Paul and Marion, he managed to move to an apartment. There strange and strange things happen. Frightened begins to investigate whose department was ... until he finds the monster: '' The Croocked Man ''.

🥇The best Rpg maker games (10)

It is a free horror game adventure by Hoshikuzu. The game revolves around a young woman named Shiori Kanzaki, she visits her family's old house, which has since become the city museum. Upon arrival, she begins to question many aspects of her past and why her parents left the city in the first place. While searching for the old house and its surroundings, Shiori discovers things she never knew about her, her family, her past, the city, and the reason that her family left in the first place.

TOP 10:

Yume Nikki

🥇The best Rpg maker games (11)

Madotsuki is a girl who does not leave the house and who enters the bed enters her dream world. But they are not pretty dreams. There are strange and meaningless things that repelús. Madotsuki has to get all the powers to finish the game. This game has no history or dialogues. But things are implied by YouTube theories.

TOP 9:

Alice Mare

🥇The best Rpg maker games (12)

Allen, is a child who lost his memory and ends up in the care of a young man who likes to be called `` Teacher '' The young man takes care of other children. One night Allen hears a voice asking for help, and goes to investigate. After this he enters a strange world where he meets White Rabbit and Chesire Cat.

TOP 8:

To the moon

🥇The best Rpg maker games (13)

To the Moon is a drama about a sick old man named Johnny. Dr. Eva and Dr. Neil enter their memories to fulfill Johnny's dream, travel to the moon. There they find River his late wife who was the one who put the idea of going to the moon. Will Eva and Neil achieve Johnny's dream?

TOP 7:

Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea

🥇The best Rpg maker games (14)

Created by Mogeko "The beautiful blue sky, the vast blue sea. A small ship in crystal clear sea. The witch of the Wadanohara Sea, along with her relatives, is returning to her hometown underwater after a long time away. But before she sees her first relative, Samekichi. 'You ... Get away from this sea at this time. You shouldn't be here ... "Why will he tell you that? Did something happen in your home?

TOP 6:


🥇The best Rpg maker games (15)

Misao is an obedient girl who develops a dark side after her death. She returns to an ordinary institute in the institute of horrors to take revenge on those who caused her death. Aki, our prota will try by all means to get out of there while seeing the people who made him bullying and suffer poor Misao. Will it escape or stay there forever?

TOP 5:

The witch house

🥇The best Rpg maker games (16)

The young Viola visits a mysterious house inside the forest. She soon discovers the dangerous nature of the house and must find a way to escape from there. But the house is constantly changing, and death could be lurking anywhere ... This wiki is about an RPG game called "The House of the Witch". The game was created by Fummy using the RPG Maker VX. There Viola will encounter a lot of traps and the witch Ellen won't let her run away so easily. What will happen?

TOP 4:

The gray garden

🥇The best Rpg maker games (17)

The Gray Garden is a pseudo-RPG, made by Mogeko (site name of Deep-Sea Prisoner) in RPG Maker 2000. A world where angels and demons live in harmony. Yosafire, a demon who likes flowers, enjoys a carefree life with his friends. Then, one day, something mysterious happens in his village ... The demons of the underworld invade us! Will Yosafire and her friends save the kingdom from total chaos?

TOP 3:

Mad father

🥇The best Rpg maker games (18)

Mad Father is a free and downloadable game made with the Wolf RPG Editor by Sen (The Miscreant Room). It is a horror-puzzle game that shows the experiences of a young girl of German origin called Aya Drevis. Aya lives in an isolated mansion with her father, Alfred, and her assistant and also maid of the house, Maria. His mother, Monika, died a year before an unknown disease. One night on the eve of her mother's death anniversary, Aya is awakened by a cry from her father, only to find that the mansion is plagued by living corpses and other unusual things. Determined to save her father, she must face the true nature of her work.

TOP 2:

Mogeko castle

🥇The best Rpg maker games (19)

Mogeko Castle is a “prosciutto adventure video game” created independently by Deep-Sea Prisoner in RPG Maker VX Ace, it is not a Role Play because there are no battles and it has a linear history. Start: Yonaka Kurai, take a train to get home, where is your brother who has not seen for a long time. After showing the player some thoughts of Yonaka about his brother's return, Yonaka arrives at a strange and unknown place for her. He walks and walks and meets a strange being named Mogeko, she runs from him and arrives at a castle, enters and ... the doors close. Will he escape from the castle?

TOP 1:


🥇The best Rpg maker games (20)

Ib (eve) is a free 16-bit psychological horror video game created with RPG maker by Kouri. The story revolves around Ib (pronounced Ebe in English) a young 9-year-old girl (who will be our character most of the time) who visits a museum with her parents, but seeing the painting of «Fabricated World». Ib realizes that she is alone, but the museum's paintings and sculptures are more alive than they appear. In one part you will find a young man named Garry and a girl named Mary who will help each other out. Will they be happy or will they stay there forever?

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