Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (2023)

We apologize for how long it took for us to make this post(シ_ _)シ

We have also taken this opportunity to re-think and re-organize the list, so if you want to look at our previous list please access this post.

But here it is finally our remastered RPG Maker horror game TOP10 list! Please access it under the cut and take into account these are only mine and Kira’s opinions on the games, please do let us know if you’d like to read the other member’s opinions on them!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

1 - Ib

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (1)

Ib is still our favourite title due to its uniqueness and intriguing storyline; as the first horror rpg maker game we played it will always be special to us no matter what.

We really enjoyed the painting theme and the approach given to it as well, although the visuals weren’t very charming at first we do believe they add up to the gloomy and mysterious atmosphere of the game. It’s simple and refreshing, accessible to everyone in its game mechanics and employed puzzle solving which we believe enhances the game experience.

The story development was well structured and exciting, I mean who could hold their shit together after that plot twist right? The crazy amount of endings was also a big plus along with the challenging ways to get them and the hidden bonuses Kouri hid like all of the different dialogues. It’s just a game that makes you want to find out more about it the more you play it and in the end after all we went through and even after Ib ver1.04 we still didn’t get to know Guertena! I simply love these kinds of game that cling to me even after I’ve explored every aspect of them; I would definitely play Ib again sometime soon!

In essence, our puzzle mechanics are very similar to Ib’s: based on looking for certain objects, unlocking doors and gathering knowledge to move on, for example Mary’s toybox puzzle where the player has to go around and memorize the order of all the symbols.

To me it has been my main inspiration to work on Pocket Mirror!

2 - The Witch’s House

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (2)

I know this is our second place but The Witch’s House is pretty much tied with Ib! Well, though Ib was way more charming and creative we still can’t quite separate these two games.

Although the setting was, in my opinion, rather plain I mean she’s lost in the forest enters the house of an evil witch and wanders around the mansion randomly facing random obstacles, the ending totally compensates for its lack of context. We absolutely loved how easy it is to get yourself killed in this game, it makes everything way more challenging and scarier since the players will become weary of their surroundings. That factor really did make The Witch’s House seem way scarier than it really is!

And of course, the plot twist is the game’s major aspect and in my personal opinion it was very well pulled off. I personally love the bittersweet taste it left in the end.

Another thing I liked personally were the little surprises the game had in store for us, for example, in the part prior to where the player has to order the skulls, in that little space where you had to fill up the container with water, if the player hanged out for a bit and interacted with the water you would find some tadpoles that would kill you saying “You killed our father”. That kind of surprise and hidden aspects of the game really did enhance the exploring experience and we do hope we can accomplish that with Pocket Mirror as well; exploring a game is really fun and it will be absolutely necessary to explore ours if you want to fully understand all of the little aspects we put into it!

3 - Corpse Party

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (3)

Corpse Party comes in third but just like Ib and The Witch’s House it’s more of a “we don’t know how to classify them since we love all of them pretty much equally”.

The only turn off about Corpse Party in my personal opinion was the plot. In the end, after finding out about what was at the root of everything I was left with a “have I just gone through hell just because some woman broke her neck and her daughter felt like it’d be fun to kill some random kids” feeling; it was simply not shocking or disturbing enough to actually make it an absolutely amazing story.

Now don’t get me wrong, although the story wasn’t that spectacular, everything else actually was pretty much amazing: the atmosphere was completely creepy and I actually had to take a break sometimes to calm down before advancing and that same atmosphere was enhanced with the disgusting descriptions of pretty much everything that came across the player, I mean, there was either lumps of hair, vomit, flies or flesh in every single goddamn sink in that game, if that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable then I don’t know what does; the gore was a great add-on to the game, it made everything feel a lot more real.

The characters were very well developed as well in my opinion with only a few exceptions although some of the final puzzles felt a bit forced to me for example the statuses, I mean there wasn’t much symbolism until then so they came to me as a bit off-topic. Though that’s just my personal opinion of course.

Overall, Corpse Party is an absolutely amazing game that has inspired us to create our own and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from it was the power of descriptions in this kind of game.

4 - Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (4)

Although we know Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea isn’t quite what most people would classify as horror, it still is among our favourite Rpg Maker games as we can’t deny its disturbing aspects near the end.

This game was absolutely adorable and it got to us in a way we actually couldn’t predict, we don’t actually know if it was the graphics and cute pixel artwork, the characters or the setting but everything about this game left us with our mouths open.

With a simple yet charming plot this game made us rush to the ending as if there was no tomorrow, for some reason it left us quite thirsty to know what was going to happen next and honestly this is something that happens quite rarely for us nowadays, although we hope people will feel that way towards Pocket Mirror it is a rather difficult effect to create in my opinion.

About its most disturbing part, in my opinion the contrast it cast on the previous experiences in the earlier part of the game was what made it so disturbing near the end, well, apart from the “raping” part although the actual plot twist (knowing about Sal’s real identity) wasn’t as strong of a plot twist as I had first anticipated, probably because I didn’t like Sal at all.

In the end Wadanohara was a seriously sweet and charming story that actually made us cry a little bit and most of all made us wish Mogeko could work faster to release her/his games faster!

5 - Dreaming Mary

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (5)

Dreaming Mary is an absolutely gorgeous game in pretty much every way, from the visuals to the atmosphere, characters and the overall story. We knew the game was going to be really good but it completely topped our expectations!

It completely fooled us at first with its easy going, girly atmosphere only to backstab us with never ending angst and many hidden secrets. The amount of hidden secrets and features in this game is pretty big forcing the player to actually think a bit and explore the whole game to fully understand what’s going on. We also liked how some of the puzzles were actually challenging although they weren’t as intuitive as it was based more on observation.

But the one thing that takes the cake in this game is the creativity factor! It is really well thought and all of the aspects are pretty unique; the maps, the radio, the voices.

Overall it was a very good experience and we do hope their next game will be just as good or better!

6 - Yume Nikki

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (6)

Yume Nikki has become one of the major RPG Maker classics and it surely did mark us permanently as a memorable experience.

The main thing we like about Yume Nikki it’s its mysterious atmosphere, it lacks dialogues and logical progression leaving everything up to the players’ imagination originating one of the things we love the most, theories. I’m not sure if I like this game because of the game itself or just because of the large number of theories created by the fans to justify its ending and weird atmosphere.

If there’s something I’d like to know was the meaning behind this game and although I do know about its most recent content and all it won’t be the same as getting to know everything behind its symbolism and the person who made it. I mean, what as Uboa supposed to mean, why do all those women have beaks and why is there a dude somewhere in space playing the piano?

I feel like this game could extend itself as a never ending riddle to which we will never know the answer! So exciting!

7 - Mogeko Castle

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (7)

Next up is Mogeko Castle and although we do know this one is a bit odd we still enjoyed it very much! Unlike the others it really allowed us to laugh a bit and we found its easy going atmosphere really refreshing!

Despite being a clusterfuck of weird stuff all jumbled up in the same game it still succeeded in having its serious moments that did manage to get to us as we played it, for example defect Mogeko. Although it turned out to be quite hard to get a grasp on what the whole thing is supposed to be, all that occurred to me was that it might have been a trip to Yonaka’s subconscious where we can take hints as to why she’s supposedly in an incestuous relationship with her older brother and who Yonaka really is.

The plot twist at the end surprised us a lot due to its contrast with the rest of the game’s silliness and it actually made us wonder if there’s going to be a serious sequel to this game apart from the one announced inside it “Gerenal Hashasky’s Great Adventure”.

8 - Shirnononoroi

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (8)

This game was pretty good in our opinion and although it was pretty hard to find out what we should do next and how should we deal with the given puzzles it was still pretty enjoyable, though we had to watch some let’s plays to work things out.

Although we really did enjoy it, it was a shame that its visuals weren’t all that great and we do believe that Shirononoroi deserves a good remake to give it the charming atmosphere it deserves! The strength of this game is definitely the plot that despite being fairly simple it turned out to be pretty heart breaking by the end and it surely did leave us with a bitter aftertaste.

The puzzles in this game were hard to figure out but in the end they turned out to be a pretty enjoyable challenge. But don’t worry we’re not going to make the puzzles on Pocket Mirror this hard!

9 - Alicemare

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (9)

The visuals of Alicemare were what impressed us the most about it, the sprites and mugshots were both adorable and stylish and really did add much to the game which we consider to be somewhat under developed due to its fast paced, shallow rhythm and somehow weak storyline.

We liked how it adapted the familiar fairy tales to its own plot though it was a shame we didn’t get to spend much time in each character’s realms thus not giving us the time to actually connect with each character. Another thing that led us to consider Alicemare to be under developed was the lack of depth in the plot, everything is just shot at the player in a final shocking plot twist with barely any build up apart from the small hints we got along the way.

Another thing that was fun but somehow useless was the tetris feature and I actually found myself playing more tetris than focusing on the game or its development.

Alicemare was a good experience and we did enjoy it in the end despite its flaws!

10 - Mad Father

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games! (10)

Mad Father was a pretty good horror game in its gaming experience, it was thrilling and exciting to play although our interest in it declined as the plot was slowly revealed.

The visuals were good and there were many innovative aspects about the game that inspired us for example the voice acting, up until Mad Father was released we didn’t know an RPG Maker game could have voice acting, a fancy title screen or even a gallery so it helped us understand just how much we could innovate in the development of our own game.

The setback of Mad Father was the plot; although it was fairly interesting at first as it was the typical small girl lost inside a big scary mansion we soon lost interest in its story and consider it to be pretty linear and dull in our most honest opinions. Many things were pretty off topic and discoordinated with the rest of the game, there were also many aspects of its story development that seemed to be quite forced in my opinion.

Overall it was a pretty good and impressive game based on its technical aspects, well, apart from the excessive amount of flashbacks that is.

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