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A Complete Guide to The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Familiars (1)

Players of “The Sims 4: Realm of Magic” received a new class of companions for this edition. Familiars are the new pets that they can use to get bonuses. It’s an exciting new addition to the game, but it means that there is more to learn for mastery. If you’re new to The Realm of Magic, here is your complete guide to “The Sims 4: Realm of Magic” familiars to get you started.

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What exactly is a familiar and what is the benefit?

The Sims Community explains the pets in more detail and tells us more about why they’re important in the game. Although they’re simpler than the companions found in the add-on”Dogs and Cats,” they bring along bonuses for their owner. Fandom takes it a step further to expand on the simpler definition. Familiars are intended to be companions for spellcasters and watches. They’re magical creatures. The familiars help with spellcasting. Even the children of spellcasters can have their own familiars but they still can’t perform magic until they’re grown. Players who own cats and dogs as pets can bind them as familiars.

List of Familiars and their benefits

  • Bunnerfly – Bunnerfly is a creature that is interesting as a common. Its true nature is not known but it defies traditional boundaries. It’s a stretch to describe Bunnerfly as a cross between a rabbit and a butterfly but this is as close as we can come. Its eyes glow red and its butterfly wings are crimson. This familiar goes for a price of 250 simoleons in the shop.
  • Dragon – Dragon is uncommon in rarity. It is powerful and regal. Although it is small, it makes a nasty foe, but it’s a wonderful companion. This familiar looks like a baby dragon. It’s purple but its eyes glow yellow in a creepy way. Its head is adorned with two horns. It will cost you 250 simoleons if you buy it from the shop.
  • Fairy – Fairy is a creature that is known for its magical wings. It puts off a spark when it’s close. This is a common familiar that is clothed in pure energy. Fairy looks like a glowing ball that hovers with blue butterfly wings. You’ll see a small spark when the fairy is near. To buy this familiar at the shop you’ll pay just 100 simoleons.
  • Glowfrog – Glowfrog is an uncommon creature. It is mischievous when used by its owner but harmless on its own. You just need to remember to avoid his direct gaze. Glowfrog has the appearance of a large frog adorned with tiny wings and a tail. He hovers in the air and he has a glowing yellow orb at his rear end. The price of the Glowfrog is 250 simoleons at the shop.
  • Hex Doll – Hex Doll is uncommon. It’s capable of doing a lot of magic, but it maintains a mysterious and silent demeanor until you give them a command. You can’t mistake the Hex Doll because its name is very descriptive. He has the appearance of a voodoo doll. The color is brown and it has pins coming out of its head, patches on the body, a glowing heart on the chest, and a look of sheer anger on its face. The Hex Doll costs 250 simoleons at the shop, and this one is a bargain compared to some others.
  • Leafbat – Leafbat is uncommon. This is a Spellcaster companion that goes way back to the days of the ancients. This familiar is the cutest one of the bunch. It looks like a cross between a bat and a Weiner pig. He has a snub nose and stubby legs with a fluffy body and wings that look like glowing green leaves. The cost for the Leafbat at the shop is a mere 250 simoleons.
  • Phoenix – Phoenix is a rare familiar who is well acquainted with the elements of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. It is the embodiment of the rise and fall associated with the Phoenix. The Phoenix has an outward appearance that slightly resembles the Raven. The main difference is that his body is glowing as though it was made out of hot embers. His wings and head have black spots on them and his backside is glowing. His eyes glow yellow and he has two tiny horns coming out of his head. The cost at the shop for the Phoenix familiar is 500 simoleons
  • Raven – Raven is a common familiar that lives within the realms of prophecy and luck, mostly bad luck. This ancient creature remains faithful to its Spellcaster. Raven looks like a Raven only its color is deep purple and black. Its eyes are glowing in a bright yellow color. The cost of this familiar at the shop is 100 simoleons.
  • Sixam Owl – Sixam Owl is a common familiar in the form of an owl. It is the symbol of ancient knowledge and magic. He has a strong connection to the moon and he is faithful to his Spellcaster. The origin of Sixam Owl is believed to be from a planet in a distant galaxy. it’s shaped like an owl with a blue glow that resembles a star. The cost of Sixam Owl is lower than most other familiars at the shop. You can buy it for just 100 simoleons.
  • Skull – Skull is a rare familiar that can tighten opponents while protecting his owner. He floats and haunts and intimidates so well. You’ll know this familiar immediately when you see it because it’s a skull. This one happens to have some significant scars and cracks that have been carved into its very bone. It also has a green glow around it to make it look even creepier. If you choose to buy the Skull it’s going to cost you 500 simoleons from the shop.
  • Veild – Veild is a rare familiar in the Voidcritter variety. He has a vast knowledge of all the galaxies in existence across time and space. Veild hovers on a could of smoke. It has the head of a goat skull with protruding brown horns. Its eyes are large and red and its body is blue. Veild will set you back the most of all of the familiars in the game. Its cost at the shop is a whopping 777 simoleons.

How do you obtain a familiar?

According to Game Pressure, the best way to get a familiar is by visiting the Realm of Magic page. Go to the shop at the caster alley and you’ll find a variety of them. The fastest way to get a familiar is to purchase a familiar orb from one of the shops there. You need to know that the inventories in these shops are changing all of the time. To the best of our knowledge, only one shop at a time is selling the familiar orbs. It could be different from one day to the next. You might have to look around the different shops until you find the one that is offering the orbs for sale for 100 Simoleons.

Other ways to get a familiar

Some people prefer not to take the easy way to do anything. If you’d rather just find the familiar on your own, there are a couple of ways you can do this. If you prefer, you can get your familiar another way. All you need to do is go to the main location of the Realm of Magic. You can get there by moving your Sim to the portal that is behind the Glimmerbrook Watch lot. If you’re new to the game and you don’t know how to get there, here’s a tip. There are two new locations for it on the map. You can also use the Glimmerstone you get after becoming a Spellcaster. Choose a library and choose the search for books option. This will allow you to either get a familiar or learn a new spell.

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Another way to get a familiar is to enter into a magic duel for artifacts. Of course, you must win the duel to obtain the familiar. This will give you yet another opportunity to get a familiar. You can also find a Leaf Bat and a Dragon on the mantle of the fireplaces in the Magic HQ. To our knowledge, these are the only two familiars that you can find in this location, but it’s a fairly easy mission to get them.

Can you turn a dog or a cat into a familiar?

Yes. You must have the Dogs and Cats add-on to do so. To convert your dog or your cat, click on the Magic tab and then select the turn pet into familiar tab. The Sim gets a bonus from the familiar. Although there are a lot of different familiars in the “Realm of Magic,” you will notice that they look different, but they all provide the same kind of bonus for your Sim. Your Sim gains self-confidence. To invoke the bonus, however, you must summon the familiar by suing the familiar orb. While dogs and cats normally cannot be controlled in the game, binding them as familiars will definitely give you a boost of self-confidence as they finally do your bidding.

How many familiars can you obtain?

Game Rant explains that there is no limit to the number of familiars that you can get. The thing is, you can only summon one familiar at a time. In the moodlet, your Sim gains extra confidence in their presence. They can also prevent your death. Familiars can also prevent the death of the child of a Sim. Although they do pretty much the same thing for your self-confidence, each has its own personality. You’ll get a kick out of the comments that they make as they encourage you in your use of magic. Familiars also help you to gain experience at a faster rate as a Spellcaster, but only when doing activities in this area.

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How do you bind your familiar to your Sim?

First, you must open the Orb. This is how your familiar is bound to your Sim. it’s nothing more complicated than that. To summon one of the familiars that are bound to you, all you need to do is click on your Sim to summon one of them.

Another great benefit of a familiar

Sims Online provides another great use for your familiar. You can make them go out and forage for you. You’ll be delighted when they bring back a surprise. There are Magical Mystery boxes out there and the familiars are just the creatures to go out and find them. When you receive the box and open it up, you never know what kinds of goodies you’ll find. It’s always a mystery, but most of the items are wands, brooms, or other items that you can put in your household inventory.

Final Thoughts

Familiars are a cool new category of pets that enhance the magical draw of The Sims 4. It’s wise to become familiar with these magical creatures and the ways that they can benefit your Sim in the game. Some of them are adorable little creatures while others are actually kind of terrifying. What’s great about them is that they help to boost your self-confidence in the game. They can also protect your Sim and the children of your Sim from the dreaded grim reaper. We hope that our guide to the familiars in the “Sims 4 Realm of Magic” has helped get you started. Really, these little creatures are a necessity for any Spellcaster. Don’t forget to check out the two new locations for the Glimmerstone while you’re at it. Happy Spellcasting!

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