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There is the proverbial saying that nothing in this world is free. This is so true today because each and everything is commercialized now. Everything is now compared or valued in terms of money. That is how much value or benefit can be gotten out of each action. Because now people value each penny, they are always on the lookout for cheaper or even free alternatives. The same principle applies to the various apps for Android as well.

There are a lot of apps available on the Google store. But some of the best apps come at a price. However, many are not willing or are unable to shell out the money to get these apps. If you fall into this range of people, then there is no need for despair. It is possible to get the premium apps for Android without paying. This may sound too good to believe. But it is possible through cracked Android Apps. In short, cracked Android apps refer to any software that is cracked or manipulated, modified to disable certain features. The cracked apps are needed to preserve old APK files that run on the older versions of Android. Many articles are available on the internet, which lists some of the best-cracked app sites for Android.

Best Cracked Apps Sites Or Cracked Apk Sites

If you are on the lookout to find the best-cracked android apps site 2021, please read further. However, before downloading these apps, some preliminary steps are to be done on your device, enabling security permissions. This can be done from the settings option available under the Main Menu. Select the option ‘Allow from third party sources.

1. APKPure.com

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This app tops the list as one of the best sites to download cracked android apps for free. In fact, they have a comprehensive collection of both free and paid apps that can be downloaded without any hurdles. It can be considered a good alternative for the Play store. This app utilizes the best anti-malware extension to keep the APKs safe and secure from viruses. Apps used in other countries are also available. In short, this app is number one on this list because of:

  • Being Ad-free
  • Short App descriptions
  • QR code download links
  • User-friendly website design that is free from spam and other virus threats
  • Wide range of apps, including older versions as well.
  • Useful comment field

Website link: https://apkpure.com/

2. APK4Fun

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This app is a file hosting service wherein the latest apps and games can be downloaded, free of course. This is a safe and secure site so that there is no danger from spyware or malware. It is the best site to Download Cracked Android apps APK. In brief, it is good because of:

  • High-Speed download links of Rapidgator and Zippyshare
  • Enormous collection of free and cracked paid apps.

Website link: https://www.apk4fun.com/

3. Aptoide

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (4)

Slowly and steadily, this app is proving to be an excellent alternative to the Google Play store. On this platform, premium apps can be downloaded for free. That is not all. It even allows for uploading and distributing apps on its platform. To summarise, it has:

  • Built-in APK scanner
  • Download Geo-restricted apps.
  • Distribute cracked apps with others.
  • Available for Android TV as well

Website link: https://en.aptoide.com/

4. Mods Apk

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (5)

If you are an avid game lover, this app is the best suited for you. Cracked versions of all great android games are available on this app. This, too, is one of the best sites to Download Cracked Android apps APK. To name a few features:

  • Games are listed out category-wise.
  • A huge enviable selection of games are available, including large ones along with their OBB file.

Website link: https://modsapk.com/

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5. RevDL

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (6)

The USP of this app is that it has all the latest versions of cracked apps. It is the best site to Download Cracked Android apps APK. The download links are direct and straightforward. Even Modded versions of Android apps are available for download. If you are looking for Minecraft games, then this app is best suited. In short, it has:

  • App request feature
  • High-speed direct mirror links for APK+OBB files
  • Massive and latest selection of Android Apps and Games
  • Neatly categorized

Website link: https://www.revdl.com/

6. ReXdl

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (7)

This app can be considered an excellent alternative for RevDL. The apps and games are neatly organized into categories for an easy search, and download links are mentioned. All this is available for free. It has:

  • Direct download links
  • Non-intrusive ads
  • Lite design for effective search

Website link: https://rexdl.com/

7. Blackmart Alpha

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (8)

The USP of this app is that it does not require having an account or completing any registration formalities. Interesting apps such as Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, FilmoraGo Pro APK, Vivo Video Pro, etc., can be downloaded easily. This is sure to interest those into photography or short video productions. It is an excellent site to download Cracked Android apps apk for Android. To name a few features:

  • Quicker and faster downloads support multilingual functions.
  • Apps are all full versions and not trial versions.
  • Error-free downloads without any significant hiccups.

Website link: https://blackmart.co/

8. APK4Free

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (9)

The name sounds like some of the other apps discussed above. But this app stands apart from the others because of its user-friendly interface. It has no-ads, easy to read fonts and perfect app screenshots. The latest versions of patched premium apps are also available with different types of mods. This is highly patronized by youngsters today. In brief:

  • It has the latest cracked apps, neatly organized into categories and lists.
  • Beginners guide for download.
  • Faster download links with Mirror and detailed description with HD screenshots
  • Downloaded games work as good as the paid ones.

Website link: https://apk4free.org/

9. iHackedit

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (10)

As the name suggests, this app initially was releasing cracked apps for iOS. But now, they have expanded to include free premium apps for Android as well. It is one of the best-paid app’s providers sites. The specialty of this app is that you can interact with other users by using the comments section. To sum up:

  • Non-intrusive ads
  • Email subscription feature for latest updates
  • Innovative categories such as ‘Recently uploaded.’
  • Latest modded apps available.

Website link: https://ihackedit.com/

10. APKMB.Com

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (11)

The website does not have an appealing look but nevertheless gets the work done. All apps are neatly organized in sections. They are making it easy to download. Some of its salient features are:

  • Download links and Mirror.
  • App request feature
  • Multiple cracked versions of Android Apps.

Website link: https://apkmb.com/

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11. ApkWhale

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (12)

This is another unique app. Here in users can upload their cracked apps, and others can download them freely. There is a provision to sort out the various uploaded premium apps based on their categories. It is easy to navigate as well. To list a few features:

  • Apps are organized neatly into categories.
  • Request and Submit option
  • Polished layout design
  • Detailed features with how to use guide are provided for all apps.

Website link: https://www.apkwhale.com/

12. ACMarket

12 Best Sites to Download Cracked Apps for Android - Technopo (13)

Compared to the apps mentioned above, this one is a new entrant in the field of best sites to download cracked android apps for free. There are thousands of cracked android apps and games which are freely available for download and installation. However, the ACMARKET APK app needs to be installed on the device first to access the premium apps. To name a few essential features:

  • A Click Download button and high-speed download routes are made available
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • List of free and premium Android apps
  • Minimum to almost no-ads.

Website link: https://www.acmarket.net/


It is reiterated that the information above should be used for educational purposes only. Please note downloading cracked apps is a violation of the terms and conditions of the developers and programmers. So be wise and avoid problems with the law.

Bottom Line

While there are numerous best-paid apps provider sites available on the internet for moded and cracked apps, not all are safe and can be trusted. Many may claim so. But please note downloading paid apps for free is not advisable. By visiting such dubious sites, you might put yourself at the risk of notorious malware and viruses. Some giveaway cracked software is not safe. By their hosting website and by the content, you can make it out if it is a hoax or not.

So, when you have already spent a considerable amount on acquiring a smartphone, it makes sense to spend a little more on the apps. However, since countless apps are available and one is not sure of their practicality, many tend first to check out if they can be downloaded for free. So, check the right one out from the above list and Download the Cracked Android apps apk for Android.

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